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  • Watch Turkish Series English Subtitles says:

    After you clic on watch btn in you get video automaticaly but when you click play on the video some ads page shown. close it and turn back to watch page. normaly 1 page appear if you close it you can continue watching. I hop that you understand.

  • Celestine says:

    I can’t get the vedio to play….I’m so obsessed with this series please help me out…anytime I click in the vedio it redirects me to innapropriate vedios …

  • TURKISH123 says:

    simply close ads page and turn back to watch, probably this ads popup shown when you try to play the video. unfortunately, this ads is used by servers provider and we can’t block it. as i say just close ads page and go back to watch page then you can play the video.

  • Martin says:

    Can you please tell me how I can watch this series on this site as all I get is ads.

  • Pabi says:


  • Superb says:

    Hi! plz clear your cache and try again

  • Jlo says:

    hello, this is my favotite turkish series, thanks for the website owner.